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Welsh & Welsh is the premier personal injury law firm that has been serving the Omaha community for over 65 years. We are licensed in Nebraska, Iowa, Kansas, and Missouri. At Welsh & Welsh PC, LLO, our Omaha personal injury lawyers are committed to helping residents in Nebraska, Iowa, Kansas, and Missouri obtains justice and ensure they can provide for their families after a tragic injury. Recovering after a serious injury or accident can be difficult, but when that injury or incident was caused by the careless, reckless, or otherwise negligent actions of another person or corporation, the recovery process can seem needlessly brutal. Hiring an experienced injury lawyer from Welsh & Welsh can give you the room you need to recover in a stress-free environment as we take over all legal tasks so you can rest easy knowing that the best personal injury law firm is fighting for you. 

Whether you were involved in a serious car accident, truck accident, or need help with a product liability or medical malpractice claim, we’re on your side. Contact our office today to speak with an experienced personal injury lawyer who can walk you through the process of filing a claim. We’re happy to offer a no-obligation consultation at no cost to you and tell you if taking legal action is in your best interest.

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Work Performed Below are projects we have completed for clients and the cities they were in along with client reviews.

  Near Manti Rd, Shenandoah, IA 51601-4046

Welsh & Welsh PC, LLO in Shenandoah is a father and son law firm that has spent years working for Shenandoah's communities! We are dedicated to helping clients with electric scooter accidents, car crashes, airbag injuries, and medical malpractice.

Test U.
  Near 400th Ave, Shenandoah, IA 51601-4029

Welsh & Welsh PC, LLO in Shenandoah helped a client with a seat belt failure case. We are dedicated to helping our clients know their rights. Call Now!

Test U.
  Near 160th St, Shenandoah, IA 51601-4064

Call now to work with an experienced premises liability that will fight for you. Know your rights with a free consultation.

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  Near Us Highway 59, Shenandoah, IA 51601-4041

Contact Welsh & Welsh PC, LLO in Shenandoah to discuss your options.

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  Near 410th Ave, Shenandoah, IA 51601-4034

Distracted drivers are a common occurrence on the roads. If you feel as though you are a victim of a distracted driver, call Welsh & Welsh PC, LLO in Shenandoah today!

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  Near Us Highway 59, Shenandoah, IA 51601-4055

Are you looking for a premises liability that will work for you and your loved ones? Let us be your voice! Welsh & Welsh PC, LLO in Shenandoah is dedicated to helping clients navigate the legal landscape and understand their loved one's rights.

Test U.
  Near Us Highway 59, Shenandoah, IA 51601-4056

Get the compensation you need by calling Welsh & Welsh PC, LLO in Shenandoah. We are a wrongful death and car crashes in Shenandoah. Call us today for a free consultation.

Test U.
  Near Shenandoah, NE 51601

Broken bones often take a long time to heal and may require multiple surgeries.

Ellen G.
  Near Clarinda, NE 51632

Your car accident settlement will help you afford medical expenses, car damages, and living costs if you’re unable to work. Welsh & Welsh will help you with the settlement.

Ellen G.
  Near Clarinda, IA 51632

Lawyers generally show up on the worst day of a person's life. Welsh & Welsh is always there to save your life.

Ellen G.


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