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ND At Welsh & Welsh, we believe in the importance of teamwork. Attorneys James R. Welsh and Christopher P. Welsh have established a strong record for results by working together in order to get maximum compensation for victims of negligence. Our team approach to personal injury and wrongful death cases has helped people in our home of Omaha and throughout Nebraska, as well as the surrounding parts of Iowa, Kansas and Missouri.

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  Near Melville, ND 58421

Medical malpractice lawsuits are complex to fight in court. Hospitals and medical professionals tend to do everything in their power to avoid having to pay an innocent victim and their family for errors they were at fault for. A successful malpractice claim can cost a medical institution a great deal of money, as well as their reputation.

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  Near Sheyenne, ND 58374

When trucks are filled to maximum capacity with cargo, they’re subject to cargo shifts, potentially causing the truck to topple over in heavy windstorms.

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  Near Brinsmade, ND 58351

A large commercial truck with a tractor trailer can jackknife if the truck is moving at high speeds and needs to make a sudden turn. This can lead to an accident since the truck’s trailer will swing out to one side without warning.

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  Near Starkweather, ND 58377

When a truck driver follows traffic too closely, they may find it hard to stop in time if they need to. This is a case of driver negligence.

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  Near Maza, ND 58324

Big rig tires are supposed to be built to last, but they are often made cheaply and not well-maintained. This can spell disaster on a busy highway.

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  Near Bisbee, ND 58317

Truck drivers sometimes fail to obey the rules of traffic. When they do, they are more likely to cause a dangerous crash.

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  Near Loma, ND 58311

When a truck driver is overtired, they may fall asleep behind the wheel and cause a disastrous accident. Even while awake, fatigue can cause lapses in judgement.

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  Near Fort Totten, ND 58335

When a truck driver can’t see a smaller passenger vehicle alongside the truck, they may cause an accident. Proper tracking tools could help drivers avoid accidents.

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  Near Egeland, ND 58331

Dealing with pushy insurance agents, getting the financial help you need while you’re still recovering from injuries, and returning to the task of living can be incredibly difficult without legal assistance. With the help of a personal injury attorney, your family can recover and gain peace of mind.

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  Near Rocklake, ND 58365

An insurance adjuster may contact you shortly after your accident. Do not sign anything, agree to be recorded, or make any official statements until you’ve spoken with your lawyer.

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